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iG about surviving Vici Gaming: "We were in a daze in game 3"

Although they are currently 4th in the LPL rankings, Invictus Gaming have had a difficult Summer Split. Losses to middle-of-the-table

RNG's Mlxg officially retires

Former Royal Never Give Up jungler Liu "Mlxg" Shi-Yu has officially retired from competitive League of Legends. The org confirmed

LCS commissioner says Fantasy LCS might come in Spring 2020

LCS commissioner Chris Greeley shed some light on a much requested feature from the community — a Fantasy LCS. According to

Gimgoon: "Mordekaiser is the best top lane champion."

Six weeks into the LPL Summer Season, and FunPlus Phoenix are yet to drop a single series. In fact, Phoenix

Jarvan/Sona is the new bot lane craziness coming from the LCS

It's as if it was only yesterday that the Sona/Taric bot lane came out of the depths of LCS and

Fnatic's undefeated streak is over at the hands of Humanoid's Qiyana

It went for seven games in a row, but now Fnatic's undefeated streak in the LEC is over. On Saturday,

Astralis and Origen to split from RFRSH, reports say

Danish CS:GO team Astralis and LEC side Origen will soon be independent entities from their current parent organization RFRSH Entertainment,

Fnatic stay undefeated in the LEC as they go on a seven-game win streak

Fnatic are still riding their undefeated streak in the LEC. Upon the return of the league for week, Fnatic added

GEN.G end Griffin's 10-game winstreak with Volibear support

The difference in skill between LCK table leaders Griffin and middle-of-the-pack Gen.G is palpable. Yet it was indeed the latter

LEC Spring Finals contributed €2.35M to local economy, Riot Games says

The LEC Spring Finals, hosted this April in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, contributed a seven-figure sum to the local economy, a

PapaSmithy reviews the insanity of IG vs. Kingzone from Rift Rivals 2019

Rift Rivals 2019 is in the books and the LCK walked away with its first international victory since Worlds 2017. As